Trail Life Connect Change Log

Date Category Details
3/19/2024 Support Point Man ability to assign a Direct Service Advisor to each Troop in their Area
2/2/2024 Roles Ability to create and assign custom youth leadership roles
2/1/2024 Member Search Power user search as an alternate way to find members
1/29/2024 Advancement Integration between Activity Plans on Calendar events, Attendance tracking, and Advancement tracking
9/28/2023 Profile Health and Medical form dates appear in the Troop Members list when toggling to view other data and are included in the export to Excel or CSV; dates can be updated for multiple members using the Bulk Member Actions tool
8/30/2023 Calendar Ability for roles with Calendar management permissions to view a list of all events within their role's space (Troop, Area, and/or Region, depending)
8/14/2023 Program Program updates for Navigator/Adventurer Ranks & Awards (Ridgeline Award and Ascent Rank); Advancement records and functions updated accordingly
8/8/2023 Member Prospects Bulk Actions available for multiple records within the Member Prospects Tool; also Prospect conversion reports available within Member Prospects Tool
2/28/2023 Advancement Advancement Reports (All Levels); Advancement enhancements (summary views, virtual selectors, Woodlands Trail progress in profile)
2/7/2023 Advancement Digital Freedom Award process within TLC
1/23/2023 Calendar RSVP visibility available to the entire Troop (per event; activated within the event setup by the event creator)
12/8/2022 Email Expanded options for email opt-out
11/18/2022 Membership Troop leaders, or any adult, can pay the membership registration fee for other members; registration payments can be made for multiple members at once
9/7/2022 Reporting Ability to view and export a summary of adult training status (Peak 1, 2, 3, and Train the Trainer)
8/6/2022 Email Ability to create custom groups; ability to view email history
6/26/2022 Profile Skill Set / Profession fields added to profiles
6/21/2022 Profile 2nd Adult Cc Email field added to profiles
6/21/2022 Notification Troop Ministry Liaison, Troopmaster, and Membership Chair are notified when a new youth is added
1/19/2022 Charter Renewal Charter renewal Steps are visible to the whole Troop
1/4/2022 Calendar; Advancement Attendance Tracking added; ability for logging and tracking Activities and Service Hours; Trailmen and parents can submit Trailmen Activities and Service Hours
10/11/2021 Calendar Health & Safety event integration
9/30/2021 Communication Leaders Digest added
7/29/2021 Advancement Grid View added to Advancement Tracking
6/4/2021 Prospects Redesigned Find a Troop map
4/22/2021 Calendar iCal integration
12/18/2020 Training Online Peak 1 and Peak 2 released
11/17/2020 Calendar TLC Calendar released
10/8/2020 Training TLU Enhancements
9/30/2020 Prospects Start a Troop integration
7/17/2020 Training Courses available in TLU
7/16/2020 ID Update to youth ID Cards
6/29/2020 Prospects Find a Troop data enhancements
6/23/2020 Background Check Background Check integration with new processor
5/29/2020 Communications Announcements tool released
5/8/2020 Prospects Find a Troop integration
12/16/2019 Advancement Freedom Award resource page posted to TLC
12/9/2019 Training Trail Life University Initial Launch
11/7/2019 Advancement Court of Honor and Shopping List Reports added
7/15/2019 General Trail Life Connect released